Tanya Burr Lipglosses | Review & Swatches

No you're not listening to a broken record - it's just me harping on about Tanya Burr's lip glosses -  again. They've made a few appearances on Bird's Words the past few weeks and I decided it was about time I dedicate a full post to them - it would have been rude not to.  It's not often I'll bother to post about a lip gloss - those of you who've followed me for a while will know that they don't exactly float my boat but Tanya Burr's new range caused quite a stir in the blogging world just recently and, never one to miss out on a good product, I decided to try them for myself.  I was seriously impressed right from the beginning - from the shade names, colour choice and overall appearance.  I suppose you wouldn't expect anything less from Tanya, would you? If anyone's going to hit the nail on the head when it comes to attracting the attention of a beauty blogger - it's her!

I opted for the sophisticated and understated 'Chic' for my first purchase.  It was a challenge and a half trying to choose from the range of shades available but I settled on one I knew I'd get a lot of wear out of.  I'm a big fan of brown-toned nudes and pink hues so it's fair to say that 'Chic' was right up my street! It instantly jumped out at me.  I've been wearing this constantly since I bought it and it looks lovely worn on it's own or worn over a lipstick to add dimension or enhance a matte shade.  As I'm jetting away on holiday (I'm probably sitting on a sun lounger lapping up the rays as we speak - yep - who's an organised little tinker scheduling posts whilst she's away?!) I decided I simply had to try one of the more vibrant shades too. Let's just say I spent a great deal in time in Superdrug that day.  Tanya knows how to get a bright just right doesn't she? ;) (oohhh yes - pulling out the rhymes and all now...)  After much debate, I decided on 'Let's Travel the World' - a gorgeous bright, orangey red.  I'm a big fan of Mac's Lady Danger in the summertime and I just knew it would be the perfect companion for shades like this.  I wasn't wrong.  It isn't quite as opaque in finish as 'Chic', but it certainly still delivers in the pigmentation stakes.  Both of them are definitely comparable to lip lacquers - you could easily wear either of them on their own without the need for anything underneath.

The packaging is definitely another one of the selling points for me.  The sleek tube and nicely sized doe-foot applicator only add to the appeal and the fact that they smell so delicious is just the icing on the cake.... Seriously, they smell so good - like strawberries and cream with a hint of vanilla goodness. Yummy.  Longevity wise, wear time is pretty impressive.  I get much more wear out of these than I do from my lighter lipsticks and lip butters.  The big issue I usually have with glosses would be the consistency, but these ones are just about bearable.  I won't say that they aren't a little sticky - because they do have that slight tacky feel to them - but they don't feel heavy or annoying to wear in the slightest and they glide on so easily and smoothly.  Overall, I have to say it's a big thumbs up from me for Tanya's lip product range.  I can't wait to grab more colours and I'll certainly be expanding my collection in the near future I'm sure.  I have my sights set on 'Exotic Island' next - a gorgeous bright, blue toned pink.  Price-wise, these glosses are fairly reasonable at £6.99 and you'll often find them in with offers for slightly cheaper - you can find the range on Feel Unique here, and also in Superdrug stores or online here.

Have you tried Tanya Burrs range? What's your favourite shade?

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